A curriculum that covers six learning areas (“Language”, “Early Childhood Mathematics”, “Nature and Living”, Arts and Creativity”, “Physical Fitness and Health”, “Self and Society). All contents are closely related to children’s learning experience, cognition and interests to ensure integrated and comprehensive learning experiences for children.

We incorporate diversified learning activities and play-based learning, including the project approach, experiential learning, site visits, group activities, in our curriculum to lay the foundation of lifelong learning, foster in children an inquisitive mind, an interest in learning and exploration, a balanced development, a healthy self-concept, and the ability and confidence to adapt to the everchanging world.

We adopt the HighScope teaching approach. Clearly defined learning areas, such as learning corner, reading corner, toy corner, area for exploration, visual art area, role-play area and area for learning materials, are set up in the classroom to motivate students to learn. We encourage children to identify problems in play and explore how the problems are related to them and their meanings. We let children direct their own learning, while our teachers are to provide them assistance and observe their learning progress.

Children are free to learn things they are interested in and explore without limitations so that they will be able to develop an interest in learning.