2021-2022 1st Semester

16-Aug (Monday)

Open Day

17-Aug (Tuesday)

Term begins

22-Sep (Wednesday)

The day following  the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

1-Oct  (Friday)

National Day Holiday

14-Oct (Thursday)

Chung Yeung Festival Holiday

19-Oct (Tuesday)

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (1st dose)

29-Oct (Friday)

Birthday Party & Halloween Party(Aug,Sep,Oct)

*Time to be confirmed

5-Nov  (Friday)

Development of teachers (No school)

19-Nov (Friday)

 Parent-Child Picnic (Hiking)

3-Dec  (Friday)

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (2nd dose)

20-Dec (Monday)

The day following the Polling Day Holiday

21-Dec (Tuesday)

Birthday Party & Christmas Party (Nov,Dec)




Christmas Day & The first day of January Holidays

*Time to be confirmed

21-Jan (Friday)

Parent’s Day

24-Jan (Monday)

Beginning of the second term